Why do I hate my family?

Other things may change us, but we start and end with the family.

Family is a precious gift from God. It is essential in any child’s life. They depend on their parents and family. Family gives golden memories as well as worst and painful moments.   

 We all have families. Luckily, some of us have a good family, but unfortunately, some have a terrible family.  There are so many reasons to why do I hate family:

  • Parents fight with each other: When parents do not love each other and always busy in a fight, parents have some issues like money, home expenditures and other problems.
  • Parents disagree with each other: Children worry when their parent’s use argue words, loud voices and abusive language. Kids upset when their parents decide on separation

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  • Pay no attention to kids: Some parents do not have notice of any curricular and non-curricular activities of their children.  I do not appreciate the improvement in studies, sports and other skills.

They don’t know how many hours their kids use mobile phones and the Internet. They don’t know about their friends and their company.

  • Parents use abusive language: Shouting, cursing, or insulting words may have a wrong impression of parents on kids . when children are always listening to evil words, they start to hate their parents—the reason why children use inappropriate language.
  • Parents always say “no” to their children in every situation: When children want something according to their choice, .parents always say “no” to them. Children are disappointed with this behavior. They feel that their parents don’t love them.
  • Always give them a lecture on the same things: Advice daily is not a good thing. Some parents irritate their kids to repeat the same things. They always discourage their children instead of appreciating them.

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  • Parents have no time for kids: Lack of conversation increases the distance between kids and parents. When parents and children live their lives according to their routine and have no time for each other, their relationship starts to damage.
  • Parents always suppressed their choices and interests in kids: Parents want to control their kids and suppressed their own choices .some parents wish to make their children like Robots.  If children change their directions, parents left them.
  • Parents give importance to other siblings: When it happens that parents give more importance to other kid feel jealousy. Kid starts to compare them himself with others. He starts to hate his sibling and try to take his place.

Why do I hate my family and how I control this bad habit. We care about it and most caring about our children because they learn which they see and repeated the same game.

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