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Why are we like to study in UK? The universities of UK have a good reputation in the field of education and they offer almost 1000 courses to the students all over the world. And 1 million students studied there due to all these qualities. Many people like to study abroad so, UK is the most favorite place for everyone who really wants to study abroad. Oxford and Cambridge are two beautiful Jewels of UK. So, it attracts more people towards UK.

Why we study in UK? 10 Reasons:-

Here are some reasons that show the attraction of international students towards UK:

1. Top Rank Universities:

Universities including Oxford, Cambridge, and UCL have great importance in UK. Almost 76 universities of UK featured in QS ranking of universities all over the world. Some of the best universities with a good Rank are given below:

  • Oxford University, 5th Ranked
  • Cambridge University, 6th Ranked
  • Imperial College University, 8th Ranked
  • UCL, 10th Ranked
  • The University of Edinburg, 18th Ranked

2. Introducing Many Courses:

            There is a large number of opportunities offered by UK to the student who is coming from any type of educational or academic background. A wide range of courses that are available in the top universities of UK including Engineering and technology, computer science-related courses and social working and social studies, etc. Some popular courses that offer are given below:

  • Arts and Humanities
  • Engineering related course
  • Technology study
  • Medical-related courses
  • Sociology
  • Research related courses

3. Cheapest Study Place:

UK is a cheaper for education purpose than other countries like USA and Australia when it pays for higher education. The tuition fee of UK is in between 2000 to 3000 cheaper than other countries. We do not need to pay for applying for Visa to go to UK.

4. Education on Top Rank:

            The biggest benefit offered by UK universities to international students is the length of courses offered. The source’s length is much short than in other countries. Masters in UK are one-year courses it means that the student will graduate faster than others. Due to its better quality in education, the universities of UK are more prestigious and the opportunities offered by them are endless,

5. Remunerating Education:

            The universities of UK offer short courses than universities of other countries. Short courses offer fewer tuition fees and fewer expenses of living for a year than in other countries. So, the overall costs will less than in other countries even in Australia and USA. As we compare with other countries, we will come to know that the courses offer by UK universities have less cost than other countries.

6. Offering Scholarship:

            There is a large amount of scholarship offered by UK for international students from universities, governments, and other entities. Need-based or merit-based are including in it. They also help many students financially and pay their tuition fees. With the help of a fully paid scholarship, one can easily study abroad without worrying. Fully paid scholarship covered whole things including tuition fee, Traveling cost, and other expenditures.

7. Free Healthcare:

            UK has a National Health Service which offers to the students with healthcare completely free of charge. The student pays for medicine but this will be under NHS which is the service of UK. And the student pays only 8.60 per item. Many private/nonsupported organizations and universities offer medical advantages to the student understudies in UK.

8. Promotion in Extracurricular Activities:

            All the universities in UK promote the wholesome development of the personality of international students. The students who interested in extracurricular activities, UK help them to promote their skills and experience in different fields. The courses offered by UK universities help them to promote their inner skills and grow them. There is something for everyone in sports clubs and gyms.

9. Work while Study:

            The study Visa of students means that they serve 20 hours per week on a part-time job. The students earn at least 118 per week for spending money on study and to meet other expenses. They have internships through different universities by internationally famous companies in UK such as BBC, or Burberry. The resumes of the student studying in UK after completing their studies looking good which shows their great experience in UK.

10. Improvement in English:

            Some students are not good at English so there is a chance to enhance and improve in speaking English while studying in UK. People of UK speak English in daily conversation and it is their native language. So, it will give you a chance to speak in English with them to communicate and understand them. By doing this, the students will improve their skills to communicate in English with them. It will help students when they go outside in any place or any type of nation or meet with someone they do not know about them. Speaking in English has a great impact on the listener and the students communicate easily without any hesitation.

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