Study in Australia Top Reason to Study, How to Apply

Study in Australia, Top Reason to Study, How to Apply for Study in Australia. Australia is a developing country and famous in the whole world due to its educational system. Australia has almost the top 100 universities that are on high rank due to their best education system. Study in Australia is a dream for every student. The universities of Australia have top 5 positions in courses of nursing, sports relating courses, engineering field, medicine, and other related fields. The universities of Australia make the best rank all over the world. Due to its best education system, many students attracts to the Australian education system. Some universities of Australia including the Australian National University, the University of Melbourne, and the UNSW Sydney, and many more.

Top 7 reason to Study in Australia:-

Here is some reason to apply for study at an international level especially in Australia. Some reasons are given below:

Australian Culture:-

Many countries support Australia by giving them their students for studying purposes. Australia is the place where almost 5 countries give with 53% of students for being studying. In the past years, the number of students is increasing by almost 14% which comes from different countries for study purpose. Australia offered many courses to those students who are interesting in different subjects and help them to study by giving them scholarships.

Student-friendly Atmosphere:-

There is a large number of cities in Australia that have a friendly atmosphere. About 7-8 cities of Australia have a student-friendly atmosphere which was ranking in 2017 on top-level. Melbourne is already stood top in the city of Australia and its universities also ranked in the top Universities of Australia. This city has 2 universities which have great importance due to good educational system. The most famous cities of Australia which have student-friendly atmosphere are including

  • Sydney ranked 13
  • Brisbane ranked 20
  • Canberra ranked 22
  • Adelaide ranked 44
  • Perth ranked 50

Have Huge Amount of International Student:-

Almost 70,000 students are studying in Australia which comes from different countries. From 2017, 11% population of universities increases, and these all are international students. They have access to students’ service which has a friendly atmosphere, has a good society, has extracurricular activities, and motivates students. So, the fantastic lifestyle of Australia attracts many students towards them.

Best Higher Education System:-

Australia has 1100 institutes that teach almost 22k courses to both national and international students. Due to the outstanding education in Australia, international students feel comfortable studying there. According to the U21 ranking of national higher education in 2017, the Australian education system is ranking on 8th level. The education system of Australia is ranking higher than other countries like France, Germany, Turkey, Japan, and Indonesia.

Research System:-

The universities of Australia invested in all fields of education like engineering, medicine, arts, science, sociology, and other technology fields. An Era identified 40+ areas at the national level to focus on their research work. The ratings include the standards which show their work and performance. The Government of Australia promotes and undertakes researches in a number of areas that mostly focus on the health and medicine fields.

Opportunities of Employment:-

Australia gives an opportunity to the international student to do temporary jobs thereafter completing their study. Temporary Graduate Visa allows only international students which demanded in different areas of Australian markets. But this Visa demand to complete their study, a course-related diploma for which they apply.

Financial Support While Study in Australia:-

            The government of Australia invests almost 300 million AUD for international students. From 2017, the Australian Awards offered to international students. They give an opportunity to them to study there without worrying about their lives and financial problems. They offer many scholarships that help them financially and these scholarships are fully funded means everything related to them is managing and undertaken by them.

How to Apply:-

As we compare the process of applying for a Visa to get an education in Australia with other countries, we will come to know that the process is quite simple and much easy so that every student can apply easily. The international students apply for the Student Visa subclass 500 for continuing their studies in Australia. Anyone can apply very easily because the Student Visa acceptance rate is between 85% to 95%.

Criteria to Apply for Study in Australia:-

To apply for study in Australia, there are some requirements that must be fulfilled by the international students. The requirements including:

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  • Full Understanding of English language
  • Academic requirements
  • Health satisfaction/ Health insurance
  • Visa requirements
  • Personal information (must correct)

These all requirements must fulfill and the most important is a full understanding of the English language. There is a need to clear the test session of IELTS, TOEFL because English is an international language and native language of Australia. There is a large number of courses which are offering by Australian institutes and the main purpose of these is to increase the information and teach them about their related subjects.

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