Psychology Facts About The Guys Who Love You

Falling in love can be the most influential and life-changing thing. In the initial days of romance, you may act differently, think differently, and sometimes even dress or start talking differently. But in what ways love affects our brain is quite exciting and mysterious parts of falling hard.

The feelings of love and how it affects our brain can be different for everyone, which may be rejected by various things. “Women, when fall in love, may feel the feeling of love after having sex because of hormones imbalance,” says Hershenson. But when talking about men, this sensation may be the opposite.

While talking about love, we should consider social constructs’ role in how our brains respond to love. Although brain chemistry can differ for each individual, some specialists say that socialized gender norms can sometimes be adopted and affect the psychology of love and how we define it.

Thus, if you always thought that what a guy falls in love with must be experiencing or feeling, some psychological facts have been listed after much research.

1: They May Feel Less Pain

Love is such a powerful thing that when you and your partner are totally in love, you feel less physical pain. This thing has been proved through laboratory tests.

2: They Might Be Able To Quit Addiction

In research done by younger, it was found that a new romantic relationship could also change someone’s brain interaction in a way that makes it easier for them to quit smoking or other addictive substances.

3: Partners Can Feel Addicted To Each Other   

A new romantic relationship with someone will overflow the ‘reward’ part of men’s brain. It means both the partners, especially men, can indeed become addicted to each other. In the brain, the same areas are activated when someone is using any addictive substance. It has been researched that the first phase of love is addictive so that both the partners stay close to each other enough to form a long-lasting relationship.

4: They Will Only Have Eyes For Their Companion

When you are on a date, do you ever think the sexiest girl alive could walk into the room, but your guy keeps his eyes only on you? If so, there is a reason behind it. In men, a hormone called oxytocin is released while in a relationship, making them see their partner as the most attractive lady in the world.

5: They’ll Unexpectedly Care About The Little Things

One more funny and exciting thing about men in love is that their focus shifts from more prominent to minor or little things, for example, how they speak, dress, or act. They start to pay attention to the little things to which they had never paid attention before. Men also start to take care of their hygiene. So if someone you know is going through such changes, they may be in love.

6: They Will Not Be Able To Think Anything Else

When men are involved in a relationship but not yet in deep love, the relationship will fit into their life. But once they are interested in true love, they may find themselves in a situation where they cannot think about anything else. Usually, they will not recognize that they are in love. But if they seem to only think about their partner and nothing else, then it is love dear.

7: They Will Be Taking More Care Of Their Partners

I am not saying that someone in love needs to be kind. But lots of people genuinely pick up tier game once they are head over heels. They are becoming aware of their behavior and had built a sense of how their behavior would affect their partner. These all are the things they would do to be in the good books of their partners.

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