Period Problem in Women

Having a Period Problem is common to all women. Periods are part of women’s lives and also necessary for us. Here I tell you about the period’s problem we girls face during our period days and tell about some hack we can use in our period days. These hacks will be beneficial for all girls during their period days.

Period Problem:

Periods is a monthly based process for all girls or women. Periods stay 5 to 8 days every month. Mainly on the fifth day, the bleeding stops. During this period of days, girls suffer a lot. These days are so problematic for all girls. Before one or two days of periods, mostly girls start feeling pain in their back area, tummy, and legs.

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During the periods days, this pain increases so much. And sometimes, this pain is unbearable. Girls feel so depressed these days. They cannot do their work or move these days quickly. Girls like to eat spicy food, but they can’t eat their favorite spicy food or snack during periods. Spicy food can cause much bleeding or pain.

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We girls can not wear our favorite colors dress. Mostly on period days, girls wear a dark color, predominantly black. Girls avoid going to public places. They also avoid taking participate in school, college competitions, or office events. Most of the girls like to stay at home. They feel problems during sleeping time.

They feel so depressed and lazy. Their energy level these days also low, and they feel weak. Mood changing is also a problem these days. If at one moment they are smiling and laughing suddenly after a few minutes, they feel upset and sad. They become angry about the more minor things and behave emotionally. These days are so problematic and challenging in every girl’s life.

Periods Hacks:

Here are some hacks which are so helpful for all girls during their periods days. Girls, you should follow these hacks. These hacks can make your period days relatively easy for you.

  • Every girl must have a small pouch in her school, college, university, and office bag. Put your pad and undergarment in this pouch whenever you need to go into the bathroom and use it.
  • Avoid taking medicine for periods during periods days. But if you want to take medication, you first consult with your doctor and follow his instructions.
  • Eat food and fruit hygienically during periods days. Stop eating junk food and spicy food the during period.
  • You can eat chocolate on your periods days. It will reduce mood swings, problems and anxiety.
  • During your periods days wear dark color clothes and avoid wearing light and bright colors. Because on light colors stain looks prominent.
  • Wear a loose-fitting dress during period days because fitted clothing can cause rashes and itching.
  • Stop eating ice creams and drinking cold drinks or cold water. Use tea, hot coffee.
  • Take a shower daily on your period days and cleaned yourself. It gives you a fresh and soothing feeling. You feel so light and fresh.
  • Change your pad after every 6 or 8 hours.
  • In the starting period, days use large size pad. After 3 or 4 days, use a small size pad when your bleeding level is starting to go low.
  • Put a dark color sheet or cover on your bed. It will save your bed sheet from stain.
  • During the sleeping time, wear loose tools and trousers.
  • Do your favorite work which gives you happiness like music listening, book reading, and walk-in garden or whatever you like you do that.
  • Stay calm and positive

Irregular Periods Problem:

Irregular periods also cause a lot of problems in your life. It can cause acne on your face, fat and also create a situation in conceiving a baby.

If any girl or woman suffering from this problem, then quickly consult with your doctor. Follow the prescription or advice of your doctor. Do exercise daily and lose weight.

These things can make your period days easy and change your life. Save yourself from these issues. Adopt a healthy lifestyle. These hacks were so much helpful for all girls or women’s.

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