I miss my boyfriend, and it hurts me

Love to someone and having a relationship is seems to commend today everywhere. When we become mature, then we are attracted to the opposite gender, and it expects. We can not stop ourselves from loving someone. But not every love story needs to have a happy ending.

Every day a lot of people start a new relationship, or many people end their relationship. Today love becomes a game or source of fun for people. These types of fake and cheater people just used you and then left you forever.

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I also face this type of situation in my life. And it’s too much pain that I love the wrong person.

I didn’t imagine every moment of my life with him. I did every that single thing which makes him happy. I push myself so down for him. I fulfil his every desire to make him closer with me. I did not care about myself. I care about him. If he is angry with me and does not talk to me, I cannot breathe easily. I am begging in front of him for love and take the promise that he never leaves me.

But finally, a hurtful day came in my life, When he leaves me alone forever. I wasn’t able to understand what happened to me? I cry and cry. I call him to text him, but he did not reply to me. That time I cry and cry, and I wish to die.

My heartbeat is going too slow I was shivering at that time. Suddenly I fell and lost my senses. The last memory in my mind is this that my boyfriend leaves me alone.

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The whole situation or time which I spent after him is so hurting. When I memories that moment which I spent with him, my tears lost control. And I start to cry. When I wake up in the hospital, he is not there. Only my family and friends were there. Who loves me. Who worried about me.

When I came back home, the whole time I spent alone in my room. I cut out myself from the outer world. One day my father took me for a ride forcefully. My dad stops his car near the ice cream shop.

Suddenly I saw my boyfriend there with his new girlfriend. At that time again, I break from inside. I lost my last hope that he came back. On that night, I miss him so much. It is so hurting to see your boyfriend with another girl.

The following day is a new beginning of my life. I promise myself that I never think about him anymore; I never cry for him. It’s not so easy. It’s so complicated and painful.

Now I promise with myself that I never hurt that person who loves me. Who genuinely cares about me. I start to spend my time with my family and friends. I restart my studies. I entirely set my focus on my future.

The whole period in which I start up my life again is not so easy. A story of any one of you. Your account does not match with me, but your emotion your suffering can relate to me.

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This situation can happen with a girl or boy also.

But I suggest you never destroy your life for the wrong person. Build up yourself for your loved ones. Just take one step and move on, guys.

Life never ended on a single person. Save your emotion and feeling for the right one. And one more thing, never push your self down for anybody. Stay happy and spread love.

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