5 Assistive Technology Tools in The Classroom We Can Use

Assistive Technology was introduced for students who are learning about disabilities. Either student have cognitive, impairments, or dyslexia problems, the assistive technology will help those students in functioning properly in the classroom. The assistive tools include any kind of device or equipment that assists the student to learn more deeply about the disabilities.

Assistive Technology does not help in increasing the learning abilities. It just helps in decreasing the weakness and maximizing the strength of the disabled students. Now we will talk about the most famous assistive technology in the classroom we can use.

Phonetic Spelling Software:

It is very difficult for disabled students to read and write. The phonetic software helps to disabled students to convert their write in words automatically that they intended to write. For reading the textbook students can find the audiobook. The audiobooks will help them in reading the words.

Variable Speed Recorder:

In this world not only disable students also normal students have different learning styles. Not everybody can learn from auditory lectures and not everyone can learn from theoretical books. In this situation, variable speed recorders can play a vital role.

The disabled student when entered the classroom the recording will start and it will help the student in fast learning. This will create competition in the student and he or she will try to learn quicker than other students. This is how the variable speed recorder is helpful.

Assistive Technology
Assistive Technology

Use of Calculators:

The calculator can be very beneficial for students who have dyscalculia problems. The calculator can make their assignments and homework very easy to complete. They can calculate the sums with the help of a calculator in just a few seconds. This will encourage the students to put more effort. Similarly, there are also other tools with the help of students that can check their spelling. They just need to speak and the device will automatically convert audio in the words. Calculations and word processing students can find in a single device easily. This device will help the students at maximum level, their learning abilities will increase.

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Online Worksheets:

Students who have problems in writing, especially this problem found in dyslexia students, can use electronic or online worksheets for their homework and assignments. These worksheets help the students to write accurate alignment and help in performing mathematical operations. In a few electronic worksheets, you can get the option of audio to word converter as well.

Videotaped Social Skills:

Disable students can face lots of problems in social skills and activities. The usual way of learning social skills is practice, but unfortunately, disable students can’t do the practice. So videotape recording helps them in learning social skills. For this, there should be a proper video recording system and should have a collection of social activity videos.

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